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it’s raining mobile application stores!

September 6, 2008

Just when you thought you’d missed out on getting your very own censored mobile application store because you were one of those that choose not to purchase a new shiny (ok so the new ones aren’t that shiny) iPhone, both Microsoft and Google are flocking to your proprietary mobile operating system to give you lovely gooey mobile apps.

Microsoft accidentally announced their new Windows mobile application store called “Skymarket” by advertising for someone to sell it recently. Google is also building their own mobile app store for their upcoming mobile operating system Android called “Android market”

Both of these are “finger in the dyke” plays to try and prevent the flooding departure of mobile developers that are leaping head long to the Apple iPhone like a school of krill being enveloped within a whale’s circling bubble net from the depths.

Hopefully the business models for the new application stores are more favourable for mobile developers than the Apple iPhone apps store in providing fairer revenue returns.

Posted By Shane Williamson

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