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Mobiles don’t make people rude and impatient Mr Gurit Singh.

April 2, 2009

An unbelievable article about how a Mr Gurit Singh in India has petitioned the Indian government to do something about mobile phones as they are making Indian people rude and impatient!?!?! As India has one of the fastest growing mobile subscriber populations on the planet Mr Gurit Singh must be beside himself with what the terrible mobile phone will do to his country.

Well mobile phones don’t make people rude and impatient Mr Gurit Singh, as quite frankly they already were.

Blaming the technology for how people utilise it is just plain silly. I know this to be true because I’ve met with one or two people who are socially adept in how they utilise mobile technology….or maybe even three people.

Sure there are some who choose not to fit smoothly into society by using rude annoying ring tones or answering their mobiles in business meetings or using the phone in movie theatres & concerts or speaking obnoxiously loud about their sex life on public transport or driving their car whilst using their mobile or talking to someone & doing their email or ……….. OK Mr Singh, I’ll sign your bloody petition! 🙂

Posted By Shane Williamson

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