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Picasa – Unbelievable Photo management.

December 15, 2004

The digtal age is one of gigantic & messy proportions. In fact, dealing with the mass of digital pictures, movies & mp3’s on one’s PC is a monstrous task.

I am alwasy on the look out for something that easily manages and manipulates said data, without destroying the fragile folder structures I have created upon my hard disk.

Behold Picasa, for managing digital images & movies on your PC! Owned by Google no less and bloody free!!! What a brilliant product.

Scanning the digital pictures is a background task whilst you manage albums view pictures and create slide shows. They have a "Timeline" feature that allows you to view your albums in a brilliantly executed digital album that is magic to use.

The user interface is brain dead and very sexy (can you use those terms together?)

The product uses Google search capability to ensure your albums are always up to date with new additions.

I’d give this a 4/5.

Google’s investors should remain content with intelligent acquisitions such as this.

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  1. cameronreilly permalink
    December 16, 2004 14:06

    dude, you have been out of touch for a while, havent ya? Picasa is ooold news. 🙂 Not a bad tool, as you say, but althought I downloaded it six months ago, i havent found myself using it much. I dont tend to look at photos album style.

  2. elliot permalink
    December 20, 2004 18:06

    yeh ive had mine for the same time, ive only used it a couple of times, its interesting to see photos you havent looked at for years though

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