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Online games intrude on real-world lives

January 14, 2005

An article on the Australian IT site today discusses the issue around MMPORG Widows, or more specifically how some people let it get out of hand.

One of my favorite MMPORG stories was when I frst got into Asheron’s Call…… I was on late one night (from Australia) and met up with in a remote little town, a player from the US, UK and one from France. We formed a merry little troop and stove off into the dark virtual forests of Dereth to hunt down adventure. We had to walk a long way to get to our first quest and spent the time chatting and getting to know a bit about each other. It was mind blowing to me that there was 4 people, from different backgrounds and different countries, all going off together to achieve a common goal. Of course, once the battle began our french player wasn’t that good in English and kept screaming out commands to us in french. So we kept having to remind him to speak English whilst we were laughing hysterically at him hopping around with french expletives issuing forth. In the end it worked out, but that moment will stick to me for life as it was a great virtual moment in international relations.

So, back to the problem stated in the article above, isn’t this yet another example of moderation? Like alcohol, sex, eating etc?

My wife has made some tongue in cheek comments about my overly zealous gaming habits, but compared to having a guy who comes home drunk and physically abuses his family or drives under the influence and killing someone. 

I’ll stick to this hobbie thanks….. in moderation.

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