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Russell Beattie on “Crossing the Chasm in real time”

January 14, 2005

Russell makes a good point that blogging is Crossing the Chasm in real time.

Extending his comments, I think the major difference here is that people can now put a "face" to a review or referral for a product, service or reference.

We all feel more comfortable making a purchase from a salesperson that we emphasise with. Blogging has become a way to "reference check" sources.

Eventually we should see a new world medium of information retreival in real time were the Internet connects us through like minded individuals that factually cross reference themselves.

Bill Gates once wrote about "Business at the speed of thought" and slowly but surely it’s getting here.

In the mobile 3G world we have the speed, but the apps are greatly missing. In the end its all about seemless integration. I shouldnt have to look at my mobile device to get info, I should just need to talk to it.

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