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Blogs vs. Search engines who will win.

January 21, 2005

I was reading a Blog on information overload today and I suddenly got a premonition that is frankly, quite exciting…

Now, I’ve Blogged earlier, that Blogging is like having a group of personal trusted consultants or salespeople to help you in your purchase decision. The sheer volume of information is accumulating greatly from these sources. With aggregation systems like Bloglines et al, you begin to see a pattern emerging in the way information from Blogs is accessed.

If I was a large search engine company I’d be a little concerned about these trends. Google, for instance, has become the de facto entrance to the Internet. People from all walks of life start their launch into cyberspace from there.

As Blogging becomes more prolific and mass market, one can see the Google’s of the world may take a back step. I don’t think they’ll become extinct as there are far more intelligent people within their walls than myself to prevent that, but the decrease in usage may be substantial.

Premonition or bad cup of Soy Chai?

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