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“Wireless finally connects” article on

January 25, 2005

The US has always had a different view on wireless trends due to its disparate telco environment, this has in turn bred a strong WiFi use in various parts of the country with a strong PDA focused deployment. In Europe and Asia this has been reversed due the the early adoption of 3G & other high-speed, non-WiFi type wide-coverage style networks utilising smaller mobile phone devices.

A mobile application will fail if it doesn’t sustain a positive user experience. In the end, it is the user of the technology that will drive the success, not ROI or TCO or bundled cheap voice/data rates.

That user experience encapsulates the interface, access speed & the device.
I’m enjoying the articles filtering through from the US about how they are discovering the joys of 3G networks.

If data interconnect agreements follow these 3G deployments in the US, then we should see an explosion of mobile data products from this huge market.

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