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Skype to kill 3G!?!?!?

January 31, 2005

TheFeature has an article on Skype becoming the 3G killer….. I don’t think so Peggy-Anne….

At the moment voice is the large revenue earner for Telco’s. The trend is already moving toward non-voice services and with the high-speed bandwidth of 3G these services will increase rapidly.

Personally, I use a mobile phone because it is convenient & mobile.
In other words, I don’t need to think about where I have to be to make or receive a call.

Although there will be a minority who will want to find alternative ways to make a circuit-switched voice call, there will always be a majority who will use the device in a standard way.

Telco’s will still get data traffic no matter how you use the device, so even though we will see more of these voice data applications appear, we will always need a Telco’s pipes to deliver them conveniently & mobile.

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