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Mobcasting – consumer created newscasting.

February 9, 2005

Louise van Rooyen dropped this tid-bit in the comments of an earlier blog on my site about the concept of Mobcasting.

What a great idea! Of course, we have the ability now to use the e-mail functionality of the device to send an image and text to our online blogs (like a lot of my posts here), but imagine having a Moblog service where you could do a video call to your blog, re an event you are witnessing or wanting to share.

Then taking this idea further, getting "user producers" to aggragate the best of these from one event into a themed area for other users to view.

3G carriers take note, the consumer created content is not only about sharing photos alone, it is the ability to track real world events with all aspects of media (text, audio, pictures & video) and sharing this with the greater online community.

As an example (other than Andy’s anarchistic one ) let’s investigate a large event such as the Sydney Festival (Australia) that was on recenty here and consumers do the direct reviews, coverage & interviews on these events. Publisher-users could then aggregate these feeds into their blogs on specific topics. These sites are then available via the 3G content services AND on the web. These could extend to other aspects such as food/restaurant reviews etc…

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