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Scobleizer meltdown? or a tough balancing act.

February 17, 2005

Scoble’s post on his site about Off for a few days to live life is a reflection on the stress he seems to be feeling regarding his committment to blogging. This is the main reason that Scoble is an A-List blogger, his passion for it This passion is evident in his blogging and his presentations, but it’s not his job to perform this. Remember that he is a technical evangelist for an operating system at Microsoft. Scoble’s post shows the stress & strain of living 3 lives simultaneously. Family, business & fame.

Most people would just stop blogging for a few days once it became to demanding, but Scoble has to deal with the cyberspace fans that are constantly eating his every word & actively digesting. When hunger pains appear, their ravenous appetite must be satisfied, and it will be elsewhere.

So hopefully Scoble can take a few days off and switch off to concentrate on life’s more important things, as should we all from time to time. During my 8 years at Microsoft I attended more MS employee funerals than my own friends & family’s in 30 years. The greater percentage of these was from stress related diseases such as cancer.

Find balance and be accountable for how you live it. In other words, the choices we make may not always be easy ones, but live with the choices made, don’t let them feed on you.

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