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Ahh convergence! It’s everywhere including your car.

February 28, 2005

One of the best ROI’s I’ve had on a piece of geeky equipment was an ol’ tape cassette adapter that originally came out for portable CD players. The cassette tape adapter device fitted into your car’s tape deck and a cable attached from it into the headphone jack of your portable music device. I’ve since used it for MP3 players and other mobile devices. It is great for travelling as it universally works on any car in the world that has a tape deck.

So, it is great to see that the trechnology is still bumping along with 2 new iterations.

1. The Bluetooth Cassette tape – Listen to your podcasts & digital music via the Bluetooth connection to your deivce (notebook or mobile)

2. The MP3 Cassette tape player – A 256Mb MP3 player/recorder in a tape cassette adapter form factor. It even comes with it’s own carry case for when you are sans-tape deck! Dan’s overly in-depth review is extremely informative.

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