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The new media digital domain strikes back!

March 19, 2005

Cameron Reilly of The Podcast Network has issued a press release about recent news items regarding Australian radio barrons bemoaning the lack of government protection in transtioning their business from analogue to digital radio technology.

Quotes from lobby groups really outline the luddite mentality of taking Australian tax payer’s money to prop up & protect old world media……..

"Peak industry lobby group Commercial Radio Australia said it was increasingly difficult for analogue, free-to-air radio to compete for advertising revenue against interactive digital technologies like the internet."

Reilly draws his line in the sand.

“This is about the democratisation of radio. Traditionally, radio has been the domain of large companies and now they are trying to hide behind mother’s skirt, having recognised the threat they face from new media companies. They are waking up to the realisation that new technologies such as podcasting are serious competition with the ability to undermine their market share,” Mr Reilly said.

Hopefully others will take up their stance on this issue too……. in an online new media way

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