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What feeds the monster…. oh we do.

March 29, 2005

Th ridiculous amount of press here in Australia about the poor US Florida woman Terri Schiavo who has been in a persistent vegetative state for 15 years and whether or not she should die or live, has had me stumped as this is not something new.

Then after seeing this article by Jon Carrol from Doc Searl’s site, it hit me. The media monster is hungry.

A quote from Jon’s article:

"Did any of them care about Terri Schiavo for the first 14.5 years of her vegetative state? They did not. Did they offer to pay for the extraordinary expense of keeping her alive? They did not. Did they sit by her bedside, read her books, play her music, bathe her bedsores? They did not. There’s nothing to be gained from unpublicized compassion"

Knowing that Markets are Conversations, don’t you think that it is scary that conversations can be started without any relevance or relativity.

All Terri Schiavo needs now, is prayer. That doesn’t need press or mass publicity.

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