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China #2 broadband market in the world!

April 5, 2005

Just read a report in the Australian Communication Day newsletter by UK analyst Point Topic, about the 2004 worldwide Broadband market rankings. Incredibly, China is the second largest Broadband market in the world just behind the US. At 25.7 million Broadband lines (ADSL & Cable modems), China grew 35% in the last half of the 2004.

China’s broadband penetration of their population is currently at 2%, whereas the US is 12%. Interestingly, the country with the highest Broadband penetration is Korea (#4) at 25%.

So, at this rate of growth, China will overtake the US in 2005 in total broadband connections.

The report also showed Australia has, for the first time, just snuck into the top 15 of the world’s largest broadband markets.

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