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The future of gaming is amazing

April 11, 2005

When Microsoft released X-Box they were throwing the proverbial gauntlet on the ground at Sony. Slowly & methodically the battle ensued, with Sony taking minimal losses in the early years. Having two heavy weights have at each other in this coveted market, caused major casualties in the Nintendo & Sega ranks.

ItFacts comments that according to Screen Digest, European game sales grew to 5.6 Billion Euros in 2004. Only Microsoft’s X-Box achieved annual growth, while PS2 & Gamecube both suffered declines.

The network games market is growing at over seven times the pace of traditional, retail based, games market. By the end of 2005, the network games market will constitute 15% of total games sales in the western world.

Gamers are entering a blessed time in their virtual playfield lives as both Microsoft & Sony will be the ultimate clash of the Titans in the next few years.

Fierce competiton will fuel the release of their new hardware and software arsenals and will spawn fabulous new eye & thumb candy.

In the end, gamers will win, because when battles like this heat up, the innovation & one-up-manship turn out high end goodies for all to consume.

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