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Mobile TV will happen

April 19, 2005

I blogged about Mobile TV earlier this year that carriers cannot keep ignoring this technolgy and working on the when to implement not the if to implement.

Already some recent positive press about momentum in Australia with certain telcos investigating doing trials with DVB-H too.

Electronic News has an article about an IDS report however, that shows some research on the future US market quoting figures such as 30 million subscribers using the services by 2009.

The article states that "IDC believes network services must be designed to better streamline the activation and on-going use of video/TV content and live TV. For instance, a hybrid delivery model that supports live TV and video content as well as on-demand clips is likely to be the most effective long-term approach."

So it comes back down to, giving the user what they want, when they want it and in a simple to use form factor.

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