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@ The IDC Directions seminar

April 28, 2005
Currently @ IDCs Australian event called Directions 05. Topics include,
· IT Blue print
· CIO opinions
· Conquering the digital home
· Blueprint for industry selling
· Carrier transformation
· VoIP
· Australia’s wireless future

Some interestings tidbits from this morning
° Major emerging contries in growth of GDP are China, Russia & India
° China is a Catch 22, due to the size of the market, but question over profitability
2015 the IT spend will be US$100billion
° "In 2050 Goldman Sachs predicts China will be the largest economy
° We are heading into an "Invisible Computing Era"
° DVDs are the fastest adopted technology by consumers ever (50% in 7 yrs)

more later…
(sent via my A1000)

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