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Location Based Services – A new twist

June 10, 2005

So much is NOT happening in the world of Location based services, one would believe it’s fallen into a technology crevice and can’t locate it’s merry way out.

Rosum in the US, seems to have found a rather unique way to skin the proverbial yet again.

Rosum has designed a location based system that utilises digital broadcast TV signals to locate a device.

Now why is this so clever?

Well for starters, TV boradcast signals are a hell of lot more powerful than mobile RF signals. In fact it’s a difference of 1000 Kilo Watts versus 500 Watts. TV signals need to be this powerful so they can penetrate buildings, which  is something that mobile systems, even 3G ones, are still having big problems with doing.

This brings about a interesting dynamic with the advent of DVB-H type devices that could assist the mobile LBS market greatly.

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  1. Peter permalink
    June 13, 2005 20:27

    Shane,Very nice colour. Red goes faster too.

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