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You created what?!?!?!?

June 27, 2005 has this pointer to how LG electronics has implemented a feature for a SV360 handset to utilise motion sensing technolgy to play mobile games.

So, basically you wave the phone around like a mad person possesed and the device translates this motion to interact with a game.

You can just imagine an end of project meeting were LG senior management are sitting around a large table watching the unveilling of the new revolutionary feature the R&D department has been spending millions of research dollars on implementing.

Manager: "So you’ve built a phone that you wave around to play a game?"

R&D Guy: "Yeah!"

Manager: "And you play the game watching the screen while you wave it around?"

R&D Guy: "Yeah!"

Manager: "You’re fired!"

R&D Guy: "But we haven’t shown you the multiplayer game where you throw the motion sensing phone at your opponent yet."

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  1. adriaan permalink
    June 27, 2005 22:41

    Hi Shane,Have a look at (link seems to be down at the moment but was working a few weeks ago)Some people at a Swiss university have developed some apps using the camera of series 60 phones as a motion sensor: play pong, navigate around a 3d model, etc. CheersAdriaan

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