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DVB-H trial in Sydney – photos

July 22, 2005
Ok, I’ve taken some better res photos with a Nokia 6680 of some of the screens today. Still having some issues with the device not focusing correctly, but I think it’s the nut on the end of it……..
Supposedly they are running the digital broadcast streams at around 212Kbits/s which, at that rate, will give them the ability to do a total of 30 streams.
They can change the bit rate of each stream, so therefore reduce some broadcasts that don’t have as much movement in them and increase the number of channels to a maximum of around 50.
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  1. Love, Talia permalink
    July 25, 2005 14:58

    Whatever happened to Phones that just rang? Is this a Phone? A Portable Organiser? Instant Brain Tumour Machine?*confusion*

  2. Shane permalink
    July 25, 2005 22:55

    The world\’s changing fast Mistress Natalia, hang on for the ride or become "roadkill on the super-information highway" 🙂

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