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Institute of the Future – Rapid Decision making for Complex Issues

August 11, 2005
I believe that the Institute of the Future is my Holy Grail of convergence evolution. Their publications on topics such as "Technologies of Cooperation" and "Infrastructure for the New Geography", show that I’m defintely in the wrong line of work!
From their site…..

The Institute for the Future focuses on emerging trends and discontinuities that will transform the global marketplace. Our research focuses on:

  • Consumers
  • Technology
  • Health and health care
  • Workplace
  • Global business trends

Our research generates the foresight needed to create insights about the future business environment that lead to action. The results are customized winning strategies and successful new businesses.

I can’t believe these guys get to research things like cool new technologies and interesting society trends, then get paid for it too.
One of their publications on "Rapid Decision Making for Complex Issues" is a fantastic adjunct to their "technologies of cooperation" publication and describe many real world examples of how they are forming new business & social models.
Their document starts with……
"A new capacity for rapid, ad hoc, and distributed decision making is emerging from the intersection of technologies of cooperation and new knowledge about the nature of cooperation and cooperative strategies. This report investigates the challenges, strategies, technologies, and best practices that will shape this new capacity."
The diagram that follows this statement is intriguing as it is an enriching summary of their findings of decision making challenges we face everyday. They break this diagram into four zones,
  • Distributed Control
  • Trust
  • Sense Cycles
  • Info Stocks & Flows

The document is 40 pages long is highly recommended…. as is all their other bruhaha for that matter….but, of course, reading time and page lengths vary dramatilcally & brain implosion could occur so pace yourselves!

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