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Mobile gaming to drive the mobile market?

August 25, 2005
According to SmartMobs pointer to the Australian Journal of Emerging Technologies and Society on "Gaming Goes Mobile: Issues and Implications" they believe so.
I say no it won’t…..well not a complete no, just partly. Mobile Gaming will be a big revenue earner, but it won’t be the biggest. I don’t think the guys in the post have seen the user experience with MobileTV. 🙂

With the advances in IPTV technologies & the convergence with mobile devices, interactive MobileTV will drive the mobile market in the future. With the many types of mobile services that will spawn from IPTV services, they will contribute to a large majority of the mobile market revenue.

Why? Well there are some components that are necessary for this to succeed,

  1. Entry level – unfettered access to existing free to air content.
  2. Time shifted media – the ability to record and access recorded shows.
  3. Datacasting – Ability to transmit complimentary data to the device from the datacasting channels.
  4. Interactivity – User ability to change the view, vote, poll, interact live with other viewers.
  5. Personalised – Use of the back channel from carrier to transmit live user demographic data and usage statistics to the broadcaster. Enabling personalised advertising, broadcasts, live presentation adaptation to audience participation. 

MobileTV is not about watching TV on the small screened mobile you have in your hand now, it’s about larger screen mobiles with a "widescreen experience" and stereo sound. It is access to relevant information & entertainment wherever, whenever you want it.

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