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Open Gardens

September 23, 2005
I was at an AIMIA Trivia night tonight and Jerry Argyriou of Nielsen Netratings gave me a quick look at this book called "Open Gardens".
This book goes into a lot of detail into how carriers can use a new development model for working with 3rd parties to create a thriving partner driven ecosystem.
I call it the Network Development Platform and these guys are spot on. The unfortunate part is that getting the carriers to recognise this is like hitting a dinosaur on the tail with a stick and then waiting an eternity for the head of the beast to come around to see what the fuss is all about. I should know as I experienced this first hand.
3G was meant to be a convergence of IT and telco, but there is still some archaic and arthritic mentality that is is killing innovation in Australia.
Highly recommend putting an order in for one.
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