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Excellent report on the IFA-Berlin 2005 Consumer Electronics show.

October 13, 2005
Tim O’Keefe of Digital Business Consulting has done an excellent report of his trip to the IFA-Berlin 2005 Consumer Electronics Fair (Sep-05).
Some of the points from the executive summary of his report, show the trend toward the "HD Era" is well and truly upon us.
  • The major European suppliers and pay-TV providers now see HDTV as the
    ‘killer application’ for digital TV, and the 2006 Soccer World Cup in
    Germany (which will be shot and broadcast in HD in Europe) to be the key
  • A ‘HD-ready’ marketing code has been developed which can be applied to
    16:9 screens with a minimum 720p panel resolution and capable of displaying
    720p and 1080i video.
  • Portable DVB-T digital TV receivers, with excellent screen quality for
    outdoor reception, and hand-held receivers (for phones and PDAs) utilizing
    DVB-H and DMB technologies have emerged.
  • The biggest screens are reaching sizes of 102 inches for plasma, 82 inches for
    LCD and 71 inches for DLP projectors.
  • Everything is going widescreen – even digital still cameras!
For the report & other Australian digital TV goodness head over to the Digital Broadcasting Australia website
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