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Advertising Engine for Podcasting

January 23, 2006
Kiptronic has created an Ad insertion technology for Podcasters, called the Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace. The service automatically inserts advertisements into the uploaded Podcast.
Here is some blurb from their PR
Kiptronic’s automated insertion technology allows ads to be inserted into podcasts dynamically, on-the-fly, at the point of download, freeing the podcaster from many of the labor intensive tasks associated with current sponsorship approaches. Among the many features of the Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace:
  • Flexibility to manage large ad campaigns: Using the Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace, a podcaster can manage a variety of sponsorships with multiple advertisers. Advertisers, in turn, can launch a variety of ads as a campaign progresses.
  • Geographic targeting: The Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace allows an advertiser to select the appropriate metro areas and podcasts for their message, obviating the need to strike multiple deals in multiple cities.
  • Spoken word endorsements: Through the Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace, podcasters and advertisers can develop a variety of sponsorship approaches. The Kiptronic system allows an advertiser to approve of the spoken word endorsements they find best represent their message.
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