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New US Alliance to drive DVB-H standard in US

January 25, 2006
A new US based group of companies called the Mobile DTV Alliance has been formed to drive adoption of the Mobile TV standard DVB-H within the USA. The alliance is comprised of the following companies, Intel, Modeo, Motorola, Nokia & Texas Instruments. Good to see two major handset makers involved, but then again Nokia is no surprise as they have been leading the charge for DVB-H trials in Europe & Austral-Asia.
There are many debates as to what Mobile TV standard is better than the other, but from my experience the DVB-H standard gives some very plausible benefits the main one being that it is based on existing Digital TV standards and is a separate RF stream to the device. This means that bandwidth issues are significantly reduced.
Overall the best deployment of an interactive video service is over IP, but until the mobile networks achieve widespread deployments of next generation technologies such as High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) there just won’t be enough straw to suck the proverbial elephant down.
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