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Sony’s FeliCa being used in mobile devices.

January 30, 2006
Sony’s FeliCa electronic wallet technology is a contact-less authentication system that incorporates the use of embedded ICs in smart cards & small devices.
The 3GPortal has a pointer to this article about how Japan Rail has extended the use of their "Suica" system to now incorporate FeliCa enabled mobile phones. They have already been using the smart-cards for some time.
Unfortunately, the mobile phones that can use the system must have a FeliCa IC embedded in it to work.
NTT DoCoMo has over 10 Million of these FeliCa enabled phones on the market that can be used as mobile wallets in shops as well as these ticket services.
Definitely a "watch this space" to see how this technology is expanded into other services and uses. Although the big play will be whether or not Sony becomes a de facto standard in the implementation of these types of mobile wallet services.
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