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Australian Bloggers bruised over bloodied Blogosphere banter

February 27, 2006
Frank Arrigo’s humble request to the Australian Blogosphere for a list of "A-List Bloggers" but who is also ostracising journalist Bloggers, has put fire in the belly of Mark Jones, who is the IT Editor of the Australian Financial Review.
Lines have been drawn in the sand and Jones has requested his own vote on a list that is black listing Blogger Vendors such as Franky.
Could this divide cause Aussie Blogosphere chaos!?!? Who can tell at this early stage, but my vote’s on Jones as he’s got me listed
This is Cluetrain at it’s best people, so join in on the conversation and have your say.
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  1. Mark Jones permalink
    February 28, 2006 10:43

    Hi Shane, just for the record, it\’s The Australian Financial Review.chrs

  2. Shane permalink
    February 28, 2006 14:47

    yeah, yeah…… I just put that to see if you were really reading my Blog 😉
    <It\’s been updated>

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