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Mobile phones that see.

March 2, 2006
When I was a wee Microserf around 10 years ago I attended one of the company events in the US. In the Bill Gates keynote he brought out on stage one of the research and development gurus to show people what cool technologies were being worked on then.
The guy introduced himself and stated that his work was focused on one goal that was, in the future when he said to his grandchildren that he remembers when computers couldn’t see and they respond "What’s a computer?"
The R&D guy then went and did an amazing demonstration of a PC that could recognise and track facial movements.
So, to see this press release from OKI in Japan that Vodafone Japan will be selling 3G devices that use facial recognition as a security feature on the devices is amazing progress.
The technology works like this,
….considered to be more convenient than password-protected phones, in which users need to input the data to release the lock. FSE can instantly verify the owner with the industry’s fastest authentication speed, as soon as the owner looks into the camera. Because Oki’s authentication method is less likely to be affected by brightness, verification can be done in various situations both indoors and outdoors. To facilitate its face recognition function, the FSE includes functions to detect facial characteristics including the location of the eyes, eyebrows and mouth, and a function to track facial characteristics that calculates the changes in locations, which occur due to changes in facial expressions.
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