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Italian Telco buys Digital TV network

March 6, 2006
3 Italia has to be one of the most innovative 3G Telcos on the planet. They have been thought leaders in 3G for some time now and their latest foray into converging media is just as smart.
The Register has this piece on how 3 Italia has purchased a local TV network, Channel 7, that includes a digital TV license.
MobileTV will only be successful with the right application of technology and content. 3 Italia is heading in the right direction with taking up the Digital Video Broadcasting – Handheld (DVB-H) standard.
DVB-H uses a separate radio frequency (RF) system to deliver the digital interactive content. This means that the primary 3G RF is not chocked up with this high bandwidth content.
Using this delivery system will entail a positive user experience which is paramount to depolying this type of mobile service.
Interactive Mobile TV will be one of the greatest services on mobile devices and for some Europeans it will be coming to their hot little hands this year.
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