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3G video blogging tool on MSN Spaces or not?

March 17, 2006
This link to a Guardian article on 3UK and had me interested to see what I thought was a 3G video upload tool for 3G mobiles to MSN Spaces.
Then I read 3UK’s PR….. seems like this is a 3 month competition for 3UK SeeMeTV participants to get their 3G videos up on a 3UK branded MSN Spaces site only.
The service/campaign starts later this week, so hopefully it is cleared up to whether MSN Spaces users do get video upload capability which would be fantastic.
I’ve experimented with using a great video sharing site,, to post up some of my Nokia N90 videos, but unfortunately it reduces the clarity of the images too much.
I’m still looking for a video sharing site to show off the great videos the Nokia N90 is capable of.
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