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A personal mobile phone free zone system

March 29, 2006
Well we’ll never see this released for general public consumption any time soon, but damn if this isn’t something for the Christmas list for those of us that have had to suffer the evil side of mobile phone usage particularly in cinemas or theatres.
CellAntenna has created the CJAM 1000 device that is capable of jamming all communications,including Cellular, GSM 900, Paging, PCS,  Wi-Fi or any other Microwave frequency, within a 1Km radius.
Now that’s a much needed public service. 🙂

The CJAM 1000 can be used for the following scenarios:

  • Cellular Triggered Bomb Defeat
  • Communication Control of Hostage negotiations.
  • Communication Silencing during advancement on strategic positions
  • Disaster Communication
  • Site Control
  • VIP Protection
  • Electronic Theft Denial
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