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Blog Intro: S60 User Experience Blog

April 3, 2006
Blog Name:  S60 User Experience
Blog Type:  Multi-Blogger – Part of the S60 group of Blogs
Tags:  symbian, series60, S60, mobile

The S60 User Experience Blog is a great edition to the S60 Blog site. As I’ve recently purchased the Nokia N90, which is a S60 system, I have been trawling the Blogosphere for informative sites such as this.

S60 User Experience is aimed at the developer community, but it’s Blogging style is technically pitched high enough that the average technologist can gain a lot from it. Most of the Bloggers on it are from Nokia, but the site is not restricted just to Nokia devices.
Some of the recent articles on the site are addressing most of the core issues around usability such as, the user interface, user centric design and even cultural usability factors.
Worth syndicating if you or your company develops for S60 devices or interested in one of the key aspects .
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