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The Graphical Blogosphere

June 28, 2006
Matthew Hurst’s Blog called "Data Mining" has some interesting graphs showing part of the visual Blogosphere.
It’s an interesting start on getting some graphical representation on how the Blogosphere’s information and permalinks allow information to be filtered and disseminated throughout the Internet so effectively.
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UPDATE 30-JUN-06: Matthew has just let me know via comments that the data is not just LiveJournal, but a greater part of the Blogosphere making it even more relevant! I have corrected my entry accordingly.
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  1. Matthew permalink
    June 28, 2006 09:32


    Thanks for your interest/post on this visualization. The images in the gallery are not actually limited to LiveJournal, but the core of the blogosphere (the largest connected component in the entire blogosphere graph).

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