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The D-LINK DCS-2120 wireless webcam allows 3G users to watch live streaming

July 3, 2006
Gear Live has this link to D-Link’s new webcam/IPcam that allows 3G users to access the stream live. The WiFi connection to your home or business network means this puppy can go anywhere to watch what is happening whilst you are out and about.
This is the first video surveillance system I’ve seen that allows 3G devices to have direct access to the video stream instead of utilising a PC or server system.
The 3G video streaming is direct from the DCS-2120’s onboard web server utilising the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). As long as your 3G device has data access to the Internet and a RealPlayer or PVPlayer video client you are good to go.
Price is approx US$300 (not available in Australia yet)
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