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Business Web 2.0 strategies need to include the Mobile Web

August 24, 2006
Web 2.0 is bubbling away with many believing that we will see a repeat of the Internet 1.0 meltdown. The fact remains that one of the major differences this time around is the Internet, its users and investors, have all matured with this ever changing market.
Where in the past with Internet 1.0 we would have had mainly ideas and proposals going after investment funding, we now see physical sites and services that can be seen and touched by those wishing to delve within these clearer waters of Internet investment.
With Web 2.0 heralding in the age of interactivity and social networking, the real driver of the new web is that conversations are leading the way. Whether it is people wanting to socialise with other people, or small businesses extending their online presence, or even enterprises listening and talking to their customers, The 90’s Cluetrain Manifesto mantra of “markets are conversations” has become gospel truth.
Internet 2.0 is how businesses should be changing their online strategy to strengthen the relationship with their customers and partners. Key aspects of the technologies driving Blogs, Podcasting & social networks need to be investigated & implemented by businesses to communicate more effectively with people that need to or should be interacting with them.
A powerful component of Internet 2.0 is the Mobile Web. The ability to use existing web technologies to access information on a mobile device has grown from the elite geek using their PDA to access information from a static WiFi connection to the 3G world of today where anyone can download rich media information and entertainment at the touch of a mobile interface any where they want to.
Businesses today need to investigate what aspects of their products and services should interact at the Mobile Web level. The key driver of implementing this technology should be “conversational” or the ability to enable interactivity versus plain static pages.
Relevance to mobile users is paramount. Regurgitating web based content mindlessly through mobile interfaces will only become a barrier to usage. Simplicity is the key and choice for the user in how they access the information mandatory.
Businesses need to invoke a convergence strategy across their online realms to include utilising Mobile Web. Online strategies are no longer about having just an online presence, but in its purest form it is the blood flow of the business in the form of live information that can track the company’s performance and more importantly give early warnings of how and when to implement change.
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