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Mobile phones overtaking mainstream media devices

August 28, 2006
"Well, the war is finally over: and the mobile phone has emerged as the winner on two key fronts. For most buyers it will be the device of choice for playing music and taking photographs."
While I don’t believe that the "war" is quite over yet, this is yet another example of how mainstream media is realising that convergence is the winning battle plan with mobile devices. The mobile phone is becoming widely accepted today as a media entertainment device, just as much as it is a communications one.
The mobile phone will never replace the digital camera or the stand alone music/video player completely from the market, but it will take a sizeable share away from entry level type devices.
I’ve found with the Nokia N90 that about 30% of my digital photography is now taken with this mobile phone versus using my other digital cameras. Whilst the image quality is not as high as my other digital cameras, the image is perfect for printing or displaying on the TV via a digital media player.
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