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Telstra launches Australia’s first HSDPA network today.

October 6, 2006
Telstra has launched Australia’s first HSDPA 3.5G network today with all the fanfare and hype we expected with their previous foray into the 3G race a couple of years ago when they partnered with rival "3".
The new 3.5G or "NextG" network as Telstra calls it will greatly improve download speeds from the average 200kb/s on standard 3G networks to over 1mb/s. From the Bigpond Wireless site (Telstra’s broadband ISP),
Enjoy even faster speeds
With Next G, now you can download files and entertainment even faster with average speeds of 550Kbps to 1.5Mbps and a peak network speed of 3.6 Mbps.
Telstra’s main site is now updated with information about the new NextG network and they have even setup an independant site called NextG with a very cool Flash user interface for educating customers to the benefits of the new network.
They are launching with an impressive array of devices (see attached picture):
* LG TU500
* BigPond Wireless Broadband Mobile Card
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