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Why filming with mobiles is feeding the YouTube monster

October 13, 2006
8 million Americans may be filming with their mobiles, but Spaniards & Italians are outpacing them by a margin of 5 to 1. Research company Telephia has released statistics (PDF) that show video capturing with mobiles is becoming big business and gives even more ammunition to why Google purchased the online video community YouTube.
Spanish and Italian mobile video users are 15% & 14% of their overall populations respectively (US is only 3%). As the Europeans have had 3G networks longer than the Americans, their adoption of the richer media technologies around these networks is greater. We should see these statistics increase dramatically as 3G and faster networks expand worldwide.
Whilst the battle is on for online communities, in the end it is about richer media that members of these communities need to share with other members.
The future is looking very positive for sites like YouTube, as higher resolution capturing, online/on-device editing tools, faster mobile upload speeds, geo-tagging and on device media tagging become easier and more prevalent for users.
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