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Flickr on your mobile

November 21, 2006
Flickr has now gone mobile!
Point your mobile QR Code reader here….
Posted by Shane Williamson.
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  1. technobohemian permalink
    November 22, 2006 15:29

    hey Shane – good to see fellow QR coder in Australia. seen any in the real world ? here\’s one I found recently:
    I was in touch with Frank the other day about Windows Live suport for QR code. Can you shed any light on when we might see a WM 5.0 reader program from MS? Saw the announcement a month back but nothing new…
    I have a few others, but would love something truly integrated with WM 5.0. Am working on a 2D barcode project ATM
    cheers, nic

  2. Shane permalink
    November 23, 2006 10:42

    Thanks for the picture Nic. No idea on Windows Mobile 5.x, I use the Kaywa Reader on my Nokia N90, they have a section to put your phone type in and they will notify you once they make it for that type of device.
    If I see anything happening locally I\’ll post it on my Blog.

  3. nic permalink
    November 23, 2006 20:18

    thanks mate – you guys should know before I do 🙂 anyway the dopod 838 pro comes with an OK QR code reader – and a nice macro lens for scanning. I guess I like the look of  OS integration with whatever MS will do.
    I found with kaywa on my  little SE 610 you had to be more than a metre away to get focus, then the code has to be enormous. Forget N93 though – its a joke!
    So I\’ll just keep on being freefrom for now

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