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Swapping content on mobiles – the irony.

December 15, 2006

Emarketer has this piece on a survey of UK 6 to 13 year olds who admit that they use the Bluetooth functionality of their mobile devices to swap music content on their mobiles. Of course there’s the proverbial music industry representative quoted…
Jim Davis of Sony BMG told New Media Age, "It depends whether you view this in a half full or half empty glass perspective. The results demonstrate a strong appetite for music and, as content owners, we need to provide access to music so that fans can enjoy it."
Davis has an overly politically correct response to the issue, but considering the massive backlash the music industry has had from users of its content against the ridiculous measures of hunting down individuals and prosecuting them to make an example out of them (let’s not forget Sony’s root-kit fiasco too).
The article is clear in that young users of technology will use it to the fullest of its capabilities to keep up with their peers. Children’s social interactions today involve technology deeply. If companies who market to these young technologists are not keeping up with the trends these groups are involved in then your product or service will be replaced quickly by one that does.
The issue is NOT solely about Digital Rights Management (DRM), the issue is about providing technology that allows users of any age to interact richly with their communities of interest. In other words, listen to what your customers are saying about why or how they use your products services in a particular manner and act on it in a positive way.
The irony of this article is that I have been working in a company for over a year now that has a patent on the ability to legalise the swapping of mobile content on mobile devices and do you think we can get anyone to invest in it here in Australia? Guess we are off to the UK 🙂
Posted by Shane Williamson.
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