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Mobile Virtual Keyboard…. but watch your fingers!

December 22, 2006
A few years ago I spoke at an event here in Sydney where I was asked to talk about where mobile technology was heading. I tried to show the audience how I believed that mobile technology would interact with its surroundings more, rather than the device trying to do everything itself. I showed a picture of a keyboard that appeared on a table when the device was placed on it (Microsoft had already demonstrated this technology) and the mobile device screen was projected on a wall.
Soon after in 2005, the movie "The Island" was released and it demonstrated a Nokia projecting it’s video call screen on a wall or was interacting with a wall screen. I still believe this will be the nirvana of mobile technology, through interacting seamlessly (& wireless) with other technology.
So for Christmas I want one of these 🙂
The Itech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard (US$180.00) – Full size wire-free QWERTY keyboard projection at the touch of a button!


As seen on CSI (Video here) 🙂

Thanks to Softpedia for the links

Posted by Shane Williamson.
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