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Christmas a time of remembrance

December 24, 2006
Christmas in the Southern hemisphere is quite different to those of you in the North. For starters, it’s summer here this time of the year, so no snow or cool weather.
Christmas for me is the plethora of wonderful stone fruits that abound this time of year, especially the cherries and mangoes, It is also the hot lazy afternoon plunges in the pool and then settling down with an ice cold drink in the warm evenings that are backgrounded by the hum of chorusing cicadas.
Christmas is also a time of thanks and remembrance.
This Christmas I’m especially thankful of the men and women of the coalition armed forces (that include Australian troops) that are stationed in or around the word’s troubled spots who are doing the thankless jobs of keeping us safe back home. Whilst many may argue the pointless debate of why they shouldn’t be there, the fact remains they are there and therefore those individuals and their families back here with us should be fully supported by us.
Whilst you spend time with your families and friends this Christmas, remember those that died to keep what we have taken for granted today.
Further more, support those organisations that look after the families and loved ones left behind. In Australia one such organisation is Legacy
Merry Christmas……. Lest We Forget.
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