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How many mobile phones in the world?

January 9, 2007
Can you guess how many mobile phones there are in the world today? To give you a hint, there were 950 million mobile phones sold last year alone.
Whilst you are still pondering on that Tomi T.Ahonen from Communities Dominate Brands has the answer and also has some interesting comparisons to other products and services. Such as the statistic that there are more mobile phones than registered automobiles in the world today.
The amazing growth of mobiles are an exciting statistic that is gaining momentum in not just 1st world countries, but it is also dramatically changing the lives of people in 3rd world countries too. For instance in Kenya 1 in 3 adults own a mobile device.
How mobiles are used by people versus what they were originally designed to do are changing far quicker than we saw with the early growth years of PC usage. Within the next 5 to 10 years we may see some incredible statistics that show large percentages (90%+) of the Earth’s population actively using mobiles.
Posted by Shane Williamson.
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