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A disturbing change in behaviour with TV viewers

February 1, 2007


Would you want to be in the TV broadcasting business with what is currently happening with media today? Multi access to media is a fact of life today and people have access to information and entertainment virtually anywhere. You can watch or listen to media on whatever device you choose, be it TV, PC or a mobile device.
The TV broadcaster’s old world is dieing. Controlling what people watch and when they watch it is going the way of the Dodos to self extinction. Which is none too soon as far as I’m concerned. I’m a Foxtel IQ user on the Optus network here in Australia and the childish games the free to air broadcast TV networks play is annoying at best, particularly the Seven & Ten networks who still do not allow Foxtel to have their content information displayed on the IQ system Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Therefore not allowing users to easily record programmes or to see when a particular programme they want to watch is on. Then there’s the fun game of lets change the time and date of a scheduled programme so the users have to try and work out which time-slot their favorite show has disappeared into.
Emarketer’s article on "A ‘New Breed’ of TV Viewers" is tauting that passive TV viewers are already changing their viewing habits, and those monolithic TV broadcasters that don’t adapt will succumb to the ensuing media deluge and be lost in the depths. The exciting part of this is that within the next few years we will see some amazing changes.
Whilst the enjoyment of sitting back with a cool drink watching the big screen TV will never disappear, what will change is how, when and where we will watch our media. The fact that pretty much anything can easily plug into your TV now means you have the freedom to choose, instead of others who know nothing about you doing it for you.
Posted by Shane Williamson.
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