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Geo-tagging photos direct from mobile not just for fun.

March 13, 2007


The guys over at AtlasCT have won the NAVTEQ® Global LBS Challenge™ as Social Networking Application category winner for the European region. The product is called ReLive!
AtlasCT’s winning application is named reLive!. It is a unique and handy leisure application, which allows you to take photos and write notes along your trip route, and seamlessly link them to their locations on the map. Later on, you and your family/friends can replay your trip on the website, view the trip route, photos and notes on a map in their authentic locations.
The application demo website is:
This is a great example of converging aspects of the mobile to create a social networking application. Whilst you view the demo you can see the introduction presentation that hints at the business aspects of this technology. Specifically I’d like to see this for mobile field & sales force personnel. Linking this service to business applications will be greatly improve productivity and customer service. Not to mention the ever present regulation requirements of a lot of industries today.
Posted by Shane Williamson.
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