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The Churchill Club debating mobile convergence

April 6, 2007

Mobile devices continue to develop at an unprecedented rate compared to other technologies. The constant waves of new mobile devices seem to swamp the markets in a Tsunami like fashion. The lifecycle of a mobile phone today is 6 months if not less. What I mean by this is that the device will probably be replaced within that time frame. Whilst some radicals of mobile convergence will state that the nirvana is one device all functionality, the fact remains that users will always purchase due to influential trends in the market versus purchasing for just functionality alone.

Releasing a mobile product into the market is not about making that device do everything the user may ever want to do with a mobile. It’s about choice. It’s amazing how many people purchase on the "it’s what everybody else is buying" factor.

The Churchill Club top ten tech trends are on again and their first debate is on mobile convergence. While I agree that the multi-mobile device world is hear to stay in the short term, I still believe that convergence in the mobile realm will eat away at the multitude of technology that leeches onto us. At least until we cross that line in the sand whereby mobile devices will be powerful enough (and that’s the processor, memory and battery) to change from consumable technology to a longer term upgradeable form.

We need to leave this short-term relationship phase we currently have with mobile devices and experience a more mature long term one. 

VIDEO: Watch the fairly quick debate on why we will still have diverged devices. …. but ignore the Windows mobile is toast comment … what was that guy smoking!?!?!?!?


Posted by Shane Williamson.
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