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Joost TV gets US$45m, but is a mobile version in the works too?

May 11, 2007


Joost has just raised US$45m for their free Internet based streaming TV service. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try Joost yet then I highly recommend it as their user experience & content is exceptional.

Joost TV is about free IPTV with ads. Check out the short creative video in their "About Us" section that explains how they want to change the world. 
Whilst Joost is not about you throwing away that clunky cable TV box just yet, they are creating a stir in the media industry where the old media companies are being forced to recognise Joost by denouncing their early initiative into their space. The fact that these corporations are commenting publicly, shows the disruptive aspect of Joost is working very nicely thank you very much. Though it won’t be too long before we see Joost is either sucked up by one of these corporations or becomes surrounded by a cluster of mini-me Joost wannabes backed by said companies.
I am very curious to see what Joost will do with mobile devices moving forward. Whilst their product is currently high bandwidth and needs a pretty modern PC to run the interface in all it’s full screen goodness, the product has an impressive amount of content and the community around it is growing very strongly. A mobile version of the Joost interface could happen sooner than later and if it did, would change the landscape of Mobile TV quite considerably. As Joost is an IPTV platform, their service is perfect for a land grab into the mobile realm.
Joost has just recently released their "Just for friends" edition of their product, so if you know someone who has access to it, then buddy up and get some Joost lovin!
Posted by Shane Williamson.
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