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Microsoft Xbox 360 support in Australia – WOW!

May 30, 2007
Looks like Microsoft has done some research on their console support service in Australia and implemented a very savvy support service for the Xbox 360 compared to the XBOX support of old.
Last week I started to get weird errors when trying to play my XBOX360 games and movie DVDs ("to play this disk put it in an xbox 360 console"). After doing a quick Google on the error messages I became aware it was a very well known issue with failing XBOX360 DVD drives. Luckily for me, my console was still under warranty, so I emailed support with a description of my problems with the troublesome 360 unit.
I received a standard issue response within a couple of hours that gave some general support checking of which I’d already done, and then stated if the problem was still apparent to call the hot-line to get the unit repaired. Calling the support line I quoted the issue number from the e-mail and straight away without any repetitious fanfare, they stated they would email me instructions on how to send the unit to the repair centre.
The email included a Postage Paid address (wow free postage!) so all I had to do was pack the unit up according to their instructions, take it to the post office. The email did state that I should expect the it to be returned within 10 days.
After only 3 days I received an email that my unit had been received, repaired and sent on it’s merry way back to me. I then received the unit the next day!
Not only did the warranty support exceed my expectations on all counts, they threw in a free month worth of Xbox Live to add to my existing subscription making me one very happy Microsoft customer.
Why isn’t all warranty support like this!
Posted by Shane Williamson.
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