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204 HSDPA networks in 89 countries for 2008

January 11, 2008

3G just keeps getting stronger with networks worldwide constantly rolling out upgrades to keep competitive. The High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) upgrades to 3G networks increase the download and upload speeds considerably. Current implementations of High Speed Download Packet Access (HSDPA) are in excess of 3Mbs data rates.

The highly competitive nature of mobile networks worldwide mean that for consumers the data speeds are getting faster and their associated costs are dropping too.  With a lot of countries worldwide enjoying capped mobile data plans, the development opportunities in these countries are flourishing.

Whilst many would argue this is yet another nail in the proverbial for WiMAX networks, the key here is that the rapid advancement in UMTS technologies ensures their strongholds of cities and suburbia will remain so. WiMAX’s strengths will continue to be more synergistic to UMTS and carriers deploying or partnering with both radio frequency technologies will provide a better overall customer solution.

All four major mobile carriers in Australia have either deployed, are planning to deploy this year, HSPA technologies.

ZDNet Australia has some other interesting facts and figures in this article from a recent report from the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA)


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